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16.05.2017, 17:20

good afternoon to one and all.I have multiple Tabs with the exact same title block and text to be changed in the same location in each tab. I am looking for a lisp routine that will seek the same text in each tab and change a number sequentially, i.e. 1 on tab 1 2 on tab 2 etc. It would save me an inordinate amount of time as vs clicking on each tab and changing the text manually on sometimes up to 250 tabs.  I also need to adjust the viewport on each tab to turn one layer off and the next one on i.e. plot 1 off and plot 2 on, then move the drawing to centre over the plot 2 layer and so on. I would try and write one myself but don't have a clue where to begin and it sounds quite complicated if it is even possible. If anyone has something that will help or can advise further on alternatives that will achieve the same thing I would very much appreciate it. May the cad gods be with you!!! because you will be a god if you can save me all this time!!

21.05.2017, 10:53
I have similar needs: I have one drawing block (header) filled with up-to-date (attributes) data. Now I need to update hundred blocks (in the same or separate drawings) with almost same data. I should be able to choose which data I have to fill by hand or automated (numbers or patterns) means. What I gain with this is: all data written in the same way of the project and I can concentrate only to information on the header, that must be changed. chgtext.lsp makes almost that what you asked at least for text? Try to find that, if you really are using text?!

John Connor
22.05.2017, 13:07
psgbs1: Is the text you want to change an attribute?

23.05.2017, 18:17

it is just straight M-text.