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29.07.2009, 04:50
AutoCAD 2006 - I have a dwg that has many text strings that I want to change to "bold" text (True Type Arial). I thought this would be no big deal...change one and then match properties for the rest. It will not match "bold"...the only way I know how to do it is open each text hi-lite each and select bold. Problem is that I have very many and that is time consuming and I may miss some. Does anyone know a fast way to change text to bold other than one at a time?

29.07.2009, 05:48
Mtext alway cause that problem. You may need to change of your text to be Dtext.  To me Dtext alway work better than Mtext when you want to change or modify thing.

13.08.2009, 16:41

the only way to correctly use the texts for future changes is to use the "style" command.type "style"... it will open up a "new world" ;)basically you can create several styles, for examples one for the dimensions, one for the titles, one for the comments, and so on.Than, with Mtext you select the appropriate style before typing...once you will need to chage the propriety of all of the texts all toghether, you will just need to type "style" and change it it is cool, but in your case, you must start all over... hope that helped for the future anyway!
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13.08.2009, 18:20
Thanks for your help.