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04.02.2008, 10:59
I want to change the units from millimeters to metres. How can I do it.

Vladimir Michl
04.02.2008, 11:20
AutoCAD drawing units are unitless. You need the physical units only for dimensioning and plotting - there are scale settings for these two tasks.
Otherwise you can scale down your drawing with the SCALE command.

04.02.2008, 11:25
I have received a drawing which is in millimeters. But now for my easy working I need to start working in meters. So as you mentioned shall i scale the model ?
Well for plot I don't mind because I might not plot the drawing 1:1 scale.

04.02.2008, 12:22

If you want work in meters of course you should scale it with 1000 factor.
Dont forget 1:1 it means 1 unit (meter in drawing) = 1 unit (Meter in your letter).

12.02.2008, 13:50
Hi,I have AutoCAD set to millimeters and I regularly receive drawings that have been done on a machines set to meters.The previous answers are correct, you will need to scale all objects by a thousand. However here's a tip - before doing this ensure all objects are visible and selectable. ie all layers unlocked, unfrozen and on.