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20.08.2015, 17:29
Hello,I've recently started using the action recorder in AutoCAD, i'm using 2014. I'm trying to automate my revision process and im trying to record the following sequence:delete XPaste Xnext layoutIt works up until i change to the next layout which it doesn't seem to allow. does anybody know of a way that i can record changing to the next layout?

John Connor
24.08.2015, 11:28
Try Layout....Set.

02.09.2015, 17:13
Thats exactly what i was looking for, thank you. is there anyway to make it automatically run through all layouts then stop at the end? not sure if i should start a new thread or not to ask, i'm new to forums

John Connor
02.09.2015, 17:16
I don't know if that is possible without resorting to creating a custom lisp routine.

02.09.2015, 17:25
hmm i have a lisp that does that already (zooms extents on all layouts) but cant read it well enough to figure out how its done. Thanks anyway, at least i can speed up my process a little ☺

John Connor
02.09.2015, 18:01
But it doesn't cycle through the layouts as you make revisions.
John Connor2015-09-02 18:01:57