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05.01.2015, 13:04

Hi All,Does anyone have a 2D elvation, plan, front and back views of the classic mini (i.e. before BMW got their hands on it !!). I've trawlled the internet but no luck or at least I should say no good quality luck. It seems everyone likes to draw Aston Martins etc. but not the humble Mini. To make it even more challenging does anyone have any 2D front and back subframe drawings or the bare shell drawing ideally with dimensions? Many thanks,Mike 

John Connor
05.01.2015, 13:12
You might try looking over at BiblioCAD or at maybe this site....

John Connor2015-01-05 13:16:02

14.01.2015, 15:28

Hi John, Many thanks for the ideas for BiblioCAD and, I've already tried them both with the same result as the mini I have just downloaded from "entourageautocadblocks". Unfortunately they are not drawn to the correct dimensions i.e. Wheel base (wheel centers) on the drawing is 2356mm (7' - 83/4") whereas the correct dim is 2036mm (6' - 85/32") and the Overall Length is 3529 (11' - 6") whereas the correct dim is 3050 (10' - 01/4"). Quite a difference in both dimensions. In appearance on first glace the Mini looks OK but for the purpose I require it I'm afraid it is not accurate enough. I have also checked if I can scale it back to the correct figures but as you can tell from the differences in the "as drawn" dimensions to the "true" dimensions the factor is not consistent on two horizontal measurements so there has been a bit of draughtsman's license employed. However I really appreciate you getting in touch so quickly and thank you for your help. If you find any other blocks/drgs please let me know ...... for now the search continues. Wishing you a Happy New Year, Mike

John Connor
18.01.2015, 12:12
One other website comes to mind but it will probably cost you.  It's called TurboSquid.  It caters to those looking for 3D blocks (from which 2D views could be created) but the majority of what is available is sold and not given away.  This is my last best shot at helping you...  Good luck.

John Connor2015-01-18 12:25:59