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26.01.2016, 21:55
Hi all,I'm hoping for a little advice - I've searched around, but with no luck, and its a slightly specific question:Outside work, I've started using Fusion360 to create models for cutting on a CNC router - I can get dxf outputs for the profiles to be cut, but they're relatively messy, with many duplicate lines, long lines made up of multiple shorter lines etc.I've used JOIN and OVERKILL in AutoCAD before, and that kind of functionality would be ideal to clean up these drawings - unfortunately I dont have access to AutoCAD outside work.So, does anyone know of any more affordable (that is to say, free) CAD software that has simlar capabilities, as I can't justify the expense of AutoCAD just to fulfil this one function.Thanks,Andy

John Connor
26.01.2016, 23:31

No free 3D CAD program will have the same functionality as AutoCAD or Inventor.Download a free 30-day trial of either (or both) and design quickly.

27.01.2016, 17:04
I know that no free program will be as fully featured as AutoCAD.I use AutoCAD and Inventor at work - when you make good use of them in terms of the time you spend using them and the range features you use, they are more than worth paying for.I was just hoping that, as it is just the one function I need (running OVERKILL on all elements of a 2D dwg or dxf), I might get lucky and there might be an alternative out there.As it is, I have downloaded the AutoCAD free trial, so I can complete the current project, but as you say it's not a long term solution.

John Connor
27.01.2016, 17:11
There are always AutoCAD clones.  For example....CorelCAD.  It lists for $699 U.S.  It has both 2D and 3D capability and supports native .DWG file format.

27.01.2016, 20:07
Hi Fiberty does your company have a subscription for AutoCAD? if so you can request a Home Use license code to use at home.I did this as I sometimes work from home instead of staying late for OTEamon

carlos rebeka
15.06.2016, 09:02
The perfect solution is Duplicate Files Deleter

John Connor
15.06.2016, 11:26
[QUOTE=carlos rebeka]The perfect solution is Duplicate Files Deleter[/QUOTE]Actually that is NOT the perfect solution and has nothing at all to do with the subject of this thread.  Go pedal your crap somewhere else.