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20.12.2012, 11:16
Kindly  tell me
Command to control if solid patterns appear for the screen display and for print. 

philippe JOSEPH
20.12.2012, 11:37
Hello ersidhu, from what I understand you will have to explore the command : MVIEW with it's options including (  if applicable to your CAD electrical ) :
As displayed/Wireframe/Hidden/Visual styles/Rendered.
If you want to print in different visual styles you will have to open a viewport in the paper space and do settings on it otherwise and if you want to print dirrectly from the model space it won't be possible to have other visual styles.
Have you found your CAD PDF documentation or else ??? philippe JOSEPH2012-12-20 11:41:50

John Connor
20.12.2012, 11:50
Are you asking about solid hatching?Is this another question from your book or exam?