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21.06.2017, 15:20
Dear all,I'm looking for a free app able to convert in command line cad files (eg: dwg, slddrw) without open a dedicated software like autocad or another one .Best ragards

John Connor
21.06.2017, 15:28
Good luck with that.

21.06.2017, 15:52
no link ?

John Connor
21.06.2017, 16:20
Nope.  Couldn't find anything that matched your criteria of "app" and "without opening software" (i.e. - AutoCAD, etc.).

11.07.2017, 12:02
This app exists : it is not free.However, it matches your other criteria: it can convert many CAD formats, it has an option to do batch conversions in command line, and it doesn't need to install or open other CAD software.You will not find a free software to do that.