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02.02.2011, 14:50
im running cad mep 2011. is there a way to setup a default, so whenever i add a new layout paperspace, that will come in at arch d and the plotsyle i created? thanks

John Connor
02.02.2011, 15:00
Could this not be included as part of your standard template (dwt) file?

02.02.2011, 15:07
As John mentioned, your DWT would be the way to manage that. What you do is create the sheet once in your DWT file. Then, whenever you want to incorporate that sheet in your current DWG, you just Right-Click on any one of the drawing (Model or Layout) tabs and select "From Template...". Choose that sheet and voila!Good Luck!!

02.02.2011, 16:38
thank you.