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26.12.2014, 15:57
Dear Mr/MrsI am a surveyor. I had a job to measure about 250 objects in 30Ha zone. I have measured all base pints and height points of every object. I have created two group of points: group one - base points (ground points) and another group is Height points (all points have X, Y, and Z). Is there any way to create - build all objects into 3D using those two group of points?
Thank you!

John Connor
26.12.2014, 18:40
Are you trying to create a surface?

03.02.2015, 09:31
Hmm, yes I have to create ground 3D surface. But, on that ground surface I am trying to build (to create) objects in 3D (like Cubical objects). I have, for example, four base points (on ground) of object and also four points of roof. Is there any easy way to create these 'cubic' or do I have to work in every object separately. Thank you for your help. Kind regars.

John Connor
03.02.2015, 11:37
It sounds like you are trying to create a house and the surrounding land it sits on.  And you are using Civil 3D to do this?

03.02.2015, 11:46
Yes I am trying to do that work, and I am using AutoCAD Civil 3D. But it seems that most of houses are different from each other. Thank you very much 

John Connor
03.02.2015, 12:03
I'm not familiar with Civil 3D.  Have you tried asking your question at the AutoDesk Discussion Forums?  There is a forum for Civil 3D.

04.02.2015, 11:46

04.02.2015, 11:52
i think i'm not getting what i need. i guess i have to work for every object separately. Thank you for your help