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17.03.2012, 23:54
hi, im new here hello everyone, i have drawn my drawing on a scale of 1:1 in model space, i have a pdf converter called acro plot, and im trying to plot from layout at a scale of 1:50, i have 4 drawing aprox 7m long x 6 m high what paper size would be best ?the problem i have if i try to change the scale to 1:50 on any paper size on layout the images are so small and lost on the paper like a little dot, i need a little guidance asap as i need to get these drawings in next week thanks

18.03.2012, 10:24
A postcard or a postage stamp would probably work for this model at 1:50 and still leave you room for a title block and then some.If you want to plot this to a PDF don't bother with acro plot, or whatever it is.  Use the built in Printer/plotter DWG to PDF.pc3 within AutoCAD.  You'll get better results.  The acro plot software developer probably never heard of AutoCAD.Is this a homework project?  Is the 1:50 scale a requirement?Dave.

John Connor
18.03.2012, 12:56
The developers have heard about AutoCAD.

19.03.2012, 00:58
> The developers have heard about AutoCAD.They still won't know it as well as AutoCAD does in their DWG to PDF.pc3 driver.Anytime you use a 3rd party PDF driver (Adobe, CutePDF, other) in lieu of AutoCAD's you do so at your own risk.  I'll go one step further... even the PDF driver within Design Review is often better than DWG to PDF.pc3!Dave.

John Connor
19.03.2012, 10:53
So which one are you advising the OP to use?  The one in AutoCAD or the one in Design Review?

19.03.2012, 23:33
Design Review.  I know it takes extra time and an extra step, but it's the only procedure I use anymore to get a drawing from AutoCAD to a PDF.  Sounds crazy I know, but there are many times where something happens in AutoCAD, either because of the plot style or something else, where the line quality in the PDF just isn't "right" when I go straight out using the DWG to PDF.pc3.  So if I want a PDF I only go there thru Design Review nowadays.  I get what I want that way without the extra fuss... and in the end save myself time and frustration.