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07.11.2007, 21:50

Hi everyone,I am fairly new to creating blocks and the such.  I am trying to create tag blocks.  For instance, a simple square block with dynamic attribute text.No matter what scale I am working at in model space, it inserts at the same size.The block is created at 3/32 scale since that is what we use mostly, but when I need to have a detail shot at 1/4 viewport scale, I need the block to come in much smaller.  How can I create the blocks so that they are affected by the model space scale?Many thanksedit. I am using ADT 2007
RapierTL2007-11-07 21:54:05

07.11.2007, 23:24
the blocks that come in the tool palette with adt 2007 work just fine.  I change the scale, they insert at the correct size.  It's only the blocks that i have created that come in at the same size each time.

08.11.2007, 09:20
Hai Everybody,

I am Hakkim. I newly joined this forum. I want to know about RFA extention. What is the expantion of RFA ? how to open this RFA extention file? Plz Reply anyone
ahakkimsait2007-11-08 09:26:19

Vladimir Michl
08.11.2007, 09:57
RFA files are the "Revit families" - you can open them in Autodesk Revit.

08.11.2007, 16:18
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