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02.07.2014, 11:19
Hi,     I am working on AutoCAD 2015, I have always used the CTRL+V and CTRL+C commands for copy/paste and I have never had this problem.When I copy using CTRL+C and paste using CTRL+V, it automatically pastes as a block, even if I copy a simple line, it will past it as a block... if I use the command CO for copy then this doesn't happen, it actually pastes normally. Now this would all be ok, I would simply use CO when I need to, but the thing is, that I do a lot of copy pasting from other files and from model to layout and I find it much easier to use the keyboard commands thus I would like to fix this. I have also tried audit, purge and Wblock and none of them worked.   When I open a new file this isn't a problem and if I try to use this file on another autocad-another computer I get the same problem so I presume that the problem is in the file itself.   Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

John Connor
03.07.2014, 19:36
What is the original source of the file you are having the problem with?

08.07.2014, 10:29
Try using EXPLODE function after it pastes it as ablock