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16.02.2016, 22:37

Hello All,I have searched high and low to find the solution to the Datalink Formatting issues. Now I am not saying this will work for everyone, but I would like to share what worked for us.The issue being the text size, format, table look, etc. does not stay when updating the link.This is what I have found to work. Starting in Excel when creating your ranges select your last column to be blank. Once you have your range set. Go into CAD and open your Datalink Manager Create or Edit a table. Once you are in your Modify Excel Link Dialog Box expand to view the options in the right hand side. First section is the Cell Content click the "Convert data formats to text, solve formulas in Excel" also Click "Allow writing to source file". Make sure to unclick the "Use Excel formatting.What I have found is that when the table is inserted in CAD it will resize only the last column when using these setting above. So I added the blank column. To safe guard that the table uses your CAD settings create Table Styles and Cell styles use them as if they are your Table Bible. I hope this helps the next person out.