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02.01.2017, 20:47
Oh boy, here we go. I've tried looking for an answer to this everywhere online but nothing.So I have a file that I have been working with for a month. All of a sudden I open it one day and try to add a dimension, and I get the the notification box that says "you are creating an annotative object. set the annotation scale to the scale at which the annotation is intended to display"and I'm like WHAT? Any option I try for scale results in a super large dimension size. First of all I have never messed with annotation scales or anything. I read online something about DIMFLAC and DIMSCALE, and that they should both be set to " 1 ". My DIMFLAC is set to 1, but I can't set my DIMSCALE to 1 (it's at .5, I never messed with it so I don't know why it is not at default value). Also, in this drawing whenever I copy a group of dimensions, just to see what happens, and paste, the dimensions suddenly turn huge!Like I said, I have never messed with annotation scales, all I ever do is set a text height for my dimensions in DIMSTYLE. Also, when I go into DIMSTYLE now the annotation scale part is greyed out so I can't set it back to 1 there either.Thanks for your help strangers!

05.01.2017, 06:07
Try DIMSTYLE in command line. You may have to "Modify" the current setting.Also, if you import a drawing file from another users AutoCAD, it may have insert those setting too.Good Luck!