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11.03.2010, 00:41
Received a titleblock and drawing from a client.
The text height as well as arrow size are too small.
I tried DIMSTYLE, MODIFY, adjusted both text height and arrow size.
Backing out, I tried "SET CURRENT", didn't work.
Tried again, "OVERRIDE", still didn't work.
Tried "MODIFY PROPERTIES", text height and arrow size both show the
size I adjusted in "DIMSTYLE" but, both are still smaller than desired.
How can I set new sizes for the dimension text height and the arrow size?

11.03.2010, 17:24
They could be binded blocks or x-refs...check your ex ref list by going to 'insert', 'external references'. If somethings there, explode it and purge the drawing. If that still dosent work, you could just expode the dims and then scale them as nesscary nesisary? damn i shoulda paid attention in writing class rather than paid money for papers, lol.
Or- you could delete the all those BS dims and text and re-do it.
OR WAIT! maybe you need to set the existing dims to the same style you changed...they may be different. Highlight em' and click properties to see. You can also modify just about anything through that same properties interface, instead of though dimstyle.
Hope that helps, I HATE getting stuff from customers with crazy sh*t on it, lol.

11.03.2010, 18:09
Think I'll copy 'n paste into a new titleblock, mine.
A great free program
Try it, you might like it.
Is Q-Mart open today? I need a spirit lifter.
If not, perhaps the Pub over in Giant's plaza'll do the trick?

11.03.2010, 22:24
LOL! the pub. How dank. Ive never been to a place that fits that definition more that the pub.

12.03.2010, 05:38
[QUOTE=tulip3D]LOL! the pub. How dank. I've never been to a place that fits that definition more that the pub.[/QUOTE]

Absolutely correct!
Did you know The Pub is 50+ years old? Sure seams like it!