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20.05.2014, 20:01
Using 2014LT and I use the same blocks many times in a drawing. Every insertion of an existing block in a drawing brings up the Redefine Block window. I do not wish to redefine these blocks.Is there a way to disable this window?

John Connor
21.05.2014, 00:09
Yeah, stop using Insert and use Copy instead.

21.05.2014, 13:53
I guess then copy is the way to go. I've done that in previous releases, but I work large floor plans and sometimes I have to search to find a previously used block.Thank you for the reply.

John Connor
21.05.2014, 15:24
Stop altering your blocks then trying to reinsert them and you won't get the message.  Or, let AutoCAD redefine all the previous insertions of the block and the message should then go away.  You are doing something wrong if you are constantly getting that message.Like the doctor said when the patient exclaimed, "Doc, it hurts when I bend my wrist" and the doctor replied "Then don't bend your wrist."

philippe JOSEPH
21.05.2014, 15:51
On the other hand, on old releases you couldn't insert a "new bock file" in your file.
The "new block file" inserted would be updated to the existing block inside your file.
That message in an improvement.
If you could disable that message it would be dangerous for you not knowing if you were or not updating OK your block depending on the setting.
In the old releases you had to insert an exploded block to be recomposed for a block actualisation in your file.
If you don't want that message you can use XREF that I used only when the files were too big and when the computer was slow, now I use blocks in or outside the files without problems.
Hope this will help.  philippe JOSEPH2014-05-21 15:59:11

21.05.2014, 16:06
OK, since my last reply it would seem this was an isolated incident on an old release 14 drawing, adding new blocks in 2014LT. Saved as 2014LT now all seems to work fine as JC said it should.Thanks to both for the replies.