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John Connor
02.01.2015, 12:08
29 views when I visited this morning.  Is this the same link you posted previously?A handful of pretty good images.Most are quite dark.Not a lot of variety; one can see the same architectural elements in a vast majority of the images.Still living in Canada?  Did your girlfriend ever come back?  Are you still working at the same architectural firm or did you finally quit that job?The economy in the U.S. has turned around and more employers are hiring.  You should really consider coming here but if you did I'd recommend more variety in your portfolio.Have you ever given any thought to maybe moving into the gaming world?  I think it might be worth looking into.

John Connor2015-01-02 12:17:16

John Connor
02.01.2015, 15:36
It's not about knowing anyone in the U.S. it's about getting a job that is more suited to your talents.  I'm sure there are way more opportunities in the U.S. than there are in Canada.  You're limiting yourself.Are you registered over at LinkedIn?Still single.  I kind of figured that you were.  I was just wondering if the girl who broke up with you changed her mind and returned.I think your talents are more suited to gaming than architecture but if you have no interest in that field than so be it.  Sometimes we have to move sidewise before we more forward.  The path to success is not always a straight one.How many "views" did your first video I get?  Is it even still around?
John Connor2015-01-02 15:37:19