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11.01.2012, 16:42
just trying auto cad 2012 on my new mac and every time i pan it is hit and miss if the screen regenerates properly, i loose most of the drawing and have to pan in out until the drawing appears in full. tried my settings but can't seem to stop, anyone else experienced this. wasn't sure if it was the mac or cad. Anyone help please post.

John Connor
11.01.2012, 18:34
Try this.Type VIEWRES at the command prompt, say YES to fast zooms, and set your circle zoom percent to 5000.  Test it.  What happens?

11.01.2012, 19:37
Tried several settings from 5000 up to 20000 does not seem to make any difference.

John Connor
11.01.2012, 20:18
What are the specs on this computer?

11.01.2012, 21:07
Mac os x lion 10.7.2
2.8ghz intel core i7
8gb 1333 mhz ddr3
and radeon hd 6770m 512mb
imac, brought this before i invested fully in a g machine, been many years since i last used a mac but cheesed off with the pc and thought id transfer back to the mac.
i will check on auto cad site for required spec.

11.01.2012, 21:11
checked specification on auto cad site, main spec ok, says all graphics card on supported hardware?

John Connor
19.01.2012, 13:58
What is REGENAUTO set to?