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21.03.2008, 20:57
My drawing order tool bar no longer works. I get a command line message :
"Unknown command "UNDER".  Press F1 for help."
When I use the tool bar or use the pull down menu.
I can use DRAWORDER at the command line. How do I re-set the tool bar and pul down menu?

22.03.2008, 09:03
 This means you haven't selected any objects.
Change the  Pickfirst variable?

24.03.2008, 16:04
Thansk for the reply. Pickfirst variable doesn't change anything. I get the same message whether I pick an object before or after the command. Still searching for a solution.

25.03.2008, 10:03
 Is working it  where you type draworder in command line?

25.03.2008, 17:24
It works with the "draworder"command. It does not work with the "draw order" toolbar or pull down.

27.03.2008, 11:09
 Maybe you can change something in Macro.
Under attach file is the correct macro for draworder compare with it.
Type cui in command line see the picture.uploads/20080327_110853_draworder.rar

01.04.2008, 01:10
DR is the shortcut command for draworder