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21.03.2012, 13:07
I have a problem when switching from paperspace to modelspace. THe drawing allows me to do it once. After that, the next time I go from PS to MS the drawing is "skewed". THe crosshair appears skinny and the drawing is "squished" and when I click, the window begins further to the right. I can go back into PS and everything looks fine. I can work inside the viewport fine but if I try to go to MS I will have the same problem. I can save and reopen the same drawing and everything is fine until I switch on the second time. It seems to be happening on all drawings.
I am running AutoCAD 2002 LDD, with WinXP on a dell D630 laptop. THis didn't happen to me when I ran the same stuff on my HP. Could it be a graphics card?

John Connor
21.03.2012, 13:16
What are your system specs?Is your viewport locked or unlocked?How is your UCS set at the moment?When did the problem first occur?AutoCAD 2002?  All updates applied?

21.03.2012, 14:19
I figured it out. I had the properties box docked to the left hand side of the screen. When I close it, the problem goes away!

John Connor
21.03.2012, 17:57
Those self-inflicted gunshot wounds are real killers.

22.03.2012, 21:58

Do you have all the updates and hotfixes? I thought they tried to fix that a while back.