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17.12.2014, 02:15

Hi everyone, I am currently cleaning one of the drawings I pulled a block from a previous done project.I did BURST AND PURGE the all blocks to apply new layers for a new project. I found out that almost all MTEXT present are duplicates of itself. I have run the command OVERKILL to get rid of other duplicated objects found but the problem still remains.  I looking for possible solutions that will use less time.  Thanks to you in advance.   Kind Regards,EJAS.
Ejas2014-12-17 02:21:06

John Connor
17.12.2014, 11:57
So you are looking possibly for a lisp routine that will delete duplicate MText objects?

18.12.2014, 00:36

If that helps then that will be good
Ejas2014-12-18 00:38:33

John Connor
18.12.2014, 11:37
Click on the link below.  When the webpage opens go to the post by David Walsh.  There you will find a lisp routine that David says will delete duplicate text.  I have not tested it so I can't tell you how it works or if it works.  That's all up to you.  Good luck.
John Connor2014-12-18 12:00:02