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01.03.2010, 21:34
Hello All,
I am new here but wonder if anyone can offer some assistance?............
I have recently inserted as xrefs DWF files and will then overlay my drawing on top.  Is there an easy way of converting DWF into DWG files so that xrefs can become editable?  Also is there a way of changing the colour of the layers as there is lot of detail i dont need and colours stand out too much when printed?  Any help will be appreciated many thanks

03.03.2010, 22:14
You might be able to bind the xref to the drawing? then you would be able to edit whatever.
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04.03.2010, 19:48
I might be wrong but the whole idea of a DWF is to convey information without it being usuable, i.e. you cannot use it and edit it....proprietary information being protected????

08.03.2010, 01:18
DWF to DWG, I don't think so. If yes, someone please let me know.
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Vladimir Michl
08.03.2010, 18:11
DWF is an "digital plot" file. And like you can digitize a paper drawing, you can also convert DWF files back to DWG (using third party utilities) - but in both cases you will loose substantial amount of information, structure and precision of the original drawing.

Both DWF/DWFx and PDF were meant to be used as reference (read-only, unchangeable) drawings - you can underlay them directly in AutoCAD (like xrefs), switch their layers, etc.