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02.11.2007, 08:07
I cant edit existing external reference in AutoCad 2008 or LT 2008.

If i insert a new xref it is not a problem, but if i want to change a path or make a xref  full path or relative path i cant find the way.
Insert xref i use. Wrong way? Anather way?
In earlyier versions of autocad i use xref control to to this type of change. In 2002 i can change patc etc under Insert Xref.
Please help me!

Vladimir Michl
02.11.2007, 15:06
You can change paths, xref name, attach/overlay etc. in the External references pallete (XREF command) - in the Details panel.
To change absolute/relative paths you can use e.g. the REFman tool.

12.11.2007, 19:06
I am having the same issues described above (by the thread starter).  Vladimir, can you please explain in more detail how to change the path of the xref?  Thanks

Vladimir Michl
13.11.2007, 15:58
You can either edit the paths individually in the Xref palette (command: XREF, the Details panel on the bottom - click on the "..." browse button) or through the RefMan tool installed with AutoCAD.

20.11.2007, 13:42
hello again!
the browse button is ok but can you change a xref from full to relative path?