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06.09.2010, 17:39
Does any one know how to export points (x,y,z) coordinates to a csv. In the order that they were selected???? Sos

01.10.2010, 09:32
First post on this excellent site..!
I do not export points on a regular basis, but use the following method when required:
1.  Select the points in order, using the "Locate Point" command.
2.  Expand and Select all of the text output from the Text window
Command: '_id Specify point:  X = 1096     Y = 482     Z = 0Command: '_id Specify point:  X = 1185     Y = 1019     Z = 0
3.  Select & Copy the text and paste it into "Notepad" or other text editor.
4.  Save As "CSV.txt"
5.  Open Excel
6.  Open "All Files(*.*)" CSV.txt
7.  When prompted, Select option "Delimited", tick "Space" option
This breaks the text into separate columns - otherwise whole line will go into one cell
8.  Delete the columns that are not required.
9.  Edit/Save the Excel file as required.
Hope this helps.
Edit:  I have just written a short VBA macro that does this directly: 
The filename can be CSV or TXT.  Output is comma delimited and can be viewed in a text editor or best in Excel.
 ffinybryn2010-10-01 19:24:51