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12.11.2009, 07:58
I want to know the use of creating the new Autocad Alias Editor.After executing the AlliasEdit Cmd. , go to the File menu, and then the New.It will create the Unnamed Autocad Alias Editor. Even I imported a acad.pgp file in it. And added a new alias for one command. And saved that file with xyz.pgp. Now I am trying that shortcut in autocad.,Error of "unknown command" appears.Again on executing the AliasEdit command, AutoCad is reading the Acad.pgp not xyz.pgpHow autoCad will read xyz.pgp.If it cant read xyz.pgp , then whats the use of creating a new .pgp file & import and export options in File Menu.Please reply.

12.11.2009, 09:54
I believe AutoCAD will recognize only one pgp file, "acad.pgp".i don't know why there would be an option for "new" in ALIASEDIT.