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02.12.2013, 07:05
Hi,I need to fill small area with grass and other with rocks.I found one block in the library called boulder , I rescaled it and did multi copies to get big area with rocks? I am not sure if there is an easiest way to fill area with 3d rocks??also i need to fill area with grass block (3d).any help?

John Connor
02.12.2013, 11:53
Wouldn't you be better off using materials?

02.12.2013, 12:02
Hi John,what did you mean. I didn't understand

John Connor
02.12.2013, 12:53
You are working in 3D and will, from the sounds of it, most like create a rendering yet you do not recognize the word "material"?  How long have you been using AutoCAD?If you populate your drawing with blades of 3D grass and rocks/pebbles/stones that are 3D your drawing file size will increase dramatically?  Do you have enough RAM and a good enough video card to handle the task?

04.12.2013, 11:42
yes that is the problem.I just filled out very small area with pebble stones.the size getting extremely large and can not handel the drawing.that is why I am asking if there is an easy way to fill area with stones,grass and trees in 3d

John Connor
04.12.2013, 13:34
As regards stones and grass my answer remains the same.  Use materials (or textures).  You'll have to make use of a "bump map" to give the appearance of height. can attach materials by object or by layer.  Attaching by layer is more efficient.You can find 3D trees here and at other CAD related websites.  Before downloading any of them look at their initial file size then do the math.  You should be able to estimate how much adding a certain amount of trees will add to your drawing file size.  What are the specs on your computer?

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08.12.2013, 12:46
uploads/415292/area_Model_1.pdfThanks John,I didn't sue material before.I tried it but I couldn't assign any material to any area.?? could you advise?I need to fill area attached, which is offset.I tried to extrude it first, it appears that I just give height to walls!!but I need it as concrete block t but it does not appear that one block or assign material not active.I appreciate your response.

John Connor
08.12.2013, 15:03
If you haven't used materials/textures before then you should read up on their use.  I think it is better to assign a material to a layer rather than to an object.  This means that any object put on a layer that has a material assigned to it will be rendered using that material.If your object is not a mesh, a surface or a solid then you cannot assign a material to it.Yes, EXTRUDE will give objects a height.  I thought that's what you wanted.  Aren't you doing this in 3D?  If you are doing this in 2D then you need to use hatch patterns.Explain what you are trying to do and attach a drawing to your next post.  This is taking way too long to accomplish.

09.12.2013, 08:46
Thanks John,what I need is to give the shape in the drawing height 5 cm and to be as block of concrete.I tried to hatch it first and the hatch and lines in the same color, ten I extruded it, then I got MSG that the hatch is can i extrude it and make at as ceramic or concrete and fill the middle area with grass with height 15 cm.thank youuploads/415292/test.dwg

John Connor
09.12.2013, 11:07
Normally you do not hatch a 3D object; you hatch 2D objects.3D objects will normally have materials/textures applied.  They can be applied 'by object' or 'by layer'.  Materials can even be applied to 'faces'.  We have been over this a couple of times now and you do not seem to be able to grasp the concept.  You must have very limited or no 3D experience.Extrude your wall then apply the appropriate material (concrete block).
John Connor2013-12-09 12:45:17

John Connor
09.12.2013, 11:32
A quick look at your drawing reveals a few problems.The exterior linework is shown as being a lightweight polyline with a negative "Z" elevation of -0.2142.  The interior linework is called out as a region with a positive "Z" elevation of 0.1275.  You have used a solid hatch pattern and it sits at a "Z" elevation of 0.0.  You have an extra line and a region (vertically positioned) in the lower right hand corner of your wall that doesn't belong there.I'm assuming since you are using an educational version of AutoCAD that you are a student.  Has your instructor gone over working in a 3D environment?And you have one MAJOR problem.  You used the default AutoCAD template file (acad.dwt) which is set up to use decimal inches.  You are NOT working in metric units.Although AutoCAD thinks is terms of units and 1 unit can be equal to anything (an inch, a meter, a lightyear) for the sake of expediency you should be working with a metric template file, such as acadiso.dwt, which in the end will make your life much easier.
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John Connor
09.12.2013, 12:36
-By the way, this is what a 3D wall might look like as viewed using a Conceptual visual style.  No materials have been applied yet.  The color in this case is derived from the layer the wall is situated on.  As far as the eye can tell this could be either a solid or a surface.  Since I know how I created it I can assure you it is definitely a solid.

John Connor
09.12.2013, 12:57
-A 3D wall with a concrete block material applied.  Visual style: Conceptual.  I did not play around with the material mapping feature very much.  I just sort of eye-balled it just so you could get a rough idea.  It would need more work obviously.This is about as far as I want to go for the moment.  You really need to work on your basic 3D skills before even attempting something like this.If this is for a school project then I suggest you consider using the free version of SketchUp as you'll find it easier to apply materials to 3D objects.

John Connor
10.12.2013, 18:57
-Thought I'd tweak it a little bit.  Now I don't normally work with materials or even do renders but I was able to come up with this small retaining wall enclosing a grassy area with a 3D tree I downloaded from the CAD Blocks section of this website.  The next step would be to light the scene (sunlight of course).  That would depend on one's geographic location, the month, day and time of day to be set prior to rendering.BTW....the above image is not a render.  I used the Realistic visual style.  It would look better if rendered.

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John Connor
13.12.2013, 13:40
Given your lack of response I guess we can assume you have given up on this project.