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31.07.2009, 17:32
how to find in autocad which is a mirror object (line,circle,arc,block or any other)in drawing``

31.07.2009, 20:19
I'm not quite sure what you're asking.
However, remember that when you use the mirror command you choose the object first & then choose the midpoint between the object that exists and the object that you are about to create.
Or is it that you're trying to distinguish between the original object and the mirrored one? If the object is symetrical you can't tell (to the best of my knowledge) because it acts just like copy command when it duplicates.
Or you used mirror and can't find the duplicate. I'll bet your object is on a visible layer, but when you used mirror command you mirrored on a hidden layer & it made the object on the hidden layer. Check to make sure the new object isn't on a hidden layer maybe. 

31.07.2009, 22:04
You cannot distinguish between your original object or a mirrored object. Only way to do that is to place the mirrored object on a diffrent layer from the original. Do you know at what coordinates your origianl is at?
This is what my understanding of your question is.

01.08.2009, 19:43
i have one auto lips program that find mirror block in drawing but i want something more then this that mean i can find mirror line,circle,arc in drawing.this lips program only find block that is mirrore.