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23.05.2017, 12:14
Morning people,I have only recently started using full autoCAD 2017 and have the above problem. When im trying to switch between ortho off and on during a commend the program freezes and i have to do a control, alt, del (sometimes a few times) to get it to work. Any ideas?Stu

John Connor
23.05.2017, 12:45
Did you also install the service pack?Sounds like something may have gotten corrupted during the install.  Run a Repair of the installation.  Note that a Repair is NOT the same as a full uninstall/reinstall.  You're not at that point yet.  The repair option should take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

23.05.2017, 12:48
Thanks John, i will give it a try. I didnt install any of it. It was all done at head office and then brought over to me.Ill let everyone know how i get on.

John Connor
23.05.2017, 12:58
Make sure the latest service pack is installed too.

23.05.2017, 15:33
I've had the same exact issue, freezing/locking up when trying to turn ortho on/off using f8 key. If you need a quick workaround (because at my company, service pack installs are controlled and timed by corporate), i've had success with clicking out of the AutoCAD application window then clicking back in. ie, making email window the active one, then making autocad active window right after.  side note,  when i use status bar icon to turn orthomode on/off, i don't get the freeze issue.

23.05.2017, 15:36
Thanks Glynn, i'll give that a go. The previous solution has been logged with IT and its in a queue to be sorted

23.05.2017, 15:55
Status bar icon works a treat 

07.06.2017, 10:47


21.06.2017, 18:33
mine is doing the same since Windows 10 just updatedI found ctrl alt del while trying to open task bar to shut down ACAD but didnt realise that was what freed it upMy ACAD LT 2017 is up to date as is my windows 10 and it didnt do this beforeVery strange

30.06.2017, 09:38
Is this an Autodesk problem or a windows problem do you think?

John Connor
30.06.2017, 11:05
The OP's problem is AutoCAD related.

Vladimir Michl
01.07.2017, 18:07
There is a fix for that:

19.07.2017, 10:41
Hi all, I am currently trying to get the latest patches installed  by the boffins but in the meantime i have found a solution on Autodesk website. Simply set the TEMPOVERRIDES variable to 0. It does work.