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03.02.2011, 22:03
I am in need of converting Gerber files to DWG for modifications and back to Gerber files. I need absollutes; A, B, & C not a ten step work around. Budget is limited to nothinig. Please assist. Thanks

John Connor
04.02.2011, 00:32
That's a pretty tall order there dallen2408.1) Gerber-AutoCAD-Gerber.2) Absolutes.3) Cost free.What file format would that be?  Is it the old RS-274D format or the new RS-274X format?  What program are you using to create the original Gerber files?Why do you need to get them into AutoCAD?Do you have access to CorelDraw?  I've read that you can export Gerbers to DXF then use the DXFIN command to get them into Autocad.  I have no means of verifying this as I do not have CorelDraw.Does the software you use have an export to DXF file option?John Connor2011-02-04 11:53:57

John Connor
04.02.2011, 12:52
5-day trial version of LinkCAD.  See here:

04.02.2011, 21:45
Thank you for such a quick reply.
The originals are coming from a program called Eagle.
There is only one seat for Eagle and I do not have it. I have AutoCAD 2009/10
I Have an older version of CoralDraw will it work?

John Connor
04.02.2011, 23:28
Have you looked at LinkCAD?  Maybe the trial version will have the ability to convert the Gerber file to a file type you can bring into AutoCAD.  I think that may be your best bet.  Another option would be to visit a forum for people who use LinkCAD and ask (real nicely) if someone would be willing to do the conversions for you.  Maybe you could offer a small fee for their services.