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Hamka Daniel
17.02.2015, 18:47
when i work in autocad 2007, if this file very large then always recovery, how to fix this problem?

John Connor
17.02.2015, 19:15
Might be nice if in the future you used a more descriptive title.  Think on it.Recover is not going to decrease the size of a file.Try this.Run the command line version of purge which looks like this: -PURGE (note the dash in front of the command).  Purge Regapps first.  Run the command a second time but use the "All" option.Then run the AUDIT command to fix errors in the database.Save the drawing.Close then reopen the drawing and repeat the above process.Another option would be to WBlock out the entire drawing and save it under a new name.  This will reduce the file size in most cases.What kind of file size are we talking about here?
John Connor2015-02-17 19:16:46