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03.02.2011, 12:06
Hello,I have AutoCAD LT 2010.I have used autocad for years, and still find using hatch a painful experience.even if i set the draw order, or send hatch to back, it is continually popping into the foreground.(arghghgghghgh).i use hatches for floor finishes and to calculate areas linked to field text.i have to constantly go through my tabs sending hatch to back (back where it already was).this just seems to add so much time and frustration to my daily workflow.i even thought why cant hatch physically sit on a -z depth permanently below all lines.i just want to draw design and print, and not have to constantly pander to this bizzare tool.have i been missing something all these years? some magic other secret command autocad seems to have many of. or is this something they removed to make full autocad more justifiably expensive?please help

John Connor
03.02.2011, 12:24
You are not alone.  Most of us AutoCAD users share your pain.
No magic, secret command that I'm aware of but here is a list of 10 New Hatch Tips by Shaan Hurley that some users (probably not you) might not be aware of.

03.02.2011, 16:47
There is a way to MOVE the hatch's Z-Elevation, and that is to change your view to any of the ISOPLANES, select the hatch, pick a grip, and move it up or down on the Z-Axis.I tried using the [CMD]MOVE[/CMD] command itself (by entering in the coordinates)...[code]Command: mMOVE 1 foundSpecify base point or [Displacement] <Displacement>: 0,0,0Specify second point or <use first point as displacement>: @0,0,-10[/code]... but it only moved the hatch boundary without the actual hatch pattern.Give that a try and see if it works for you.Good Luck!!