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06.03.2010, 16:24
The following is the data I have been given for the head of a Heat Exchanger but the problem I have is, I am not seeing a knuckle radius. This is being done in 3D

40" ID x 1/2"PL NOM
2:1 SE W/2" SF
SA-516 GR70

Can anyone help me make this head please? The other end of the Heat exchanger is:

16" OD (.375") NOM.
STD Wall Weld Cap
SA-234 WPB

07.03.2010, 12:59
I know what a heat exchanger is but, I think you need a bit more information to design/draw this one.
Can the requester give you a simple sketch?

07.03.2010, 17:14
I do have a drawing but all I dont have is the radius of the knuckle to put the arc in. I thought there may have been something in the details I listed that I was not understanding or something. I am thinking that the arc should just be proportionate to the other dimensions maybe

07.03.2010, 22:06
Knuckle radius of any fabricated steel project, needs to be at least the thickness of the material.
A knuckle radius for 3/8" thick material should be minimum 3/8".
Am I missin' the point? 

09.03.2010, 16:04
AutoCAD makes a help button for a reason!

09.03.2010, 16:55
Boy, this ilovecad noob gotta solution for everything!

10.03.2010, 00:03
[QUOTE=ilovecad] AutoCAD makes a help button for a reason!
[/QUOTE] If you dont have anything to contribute then dont comment. Your assistance is not what anyone wants

10.03.2010, 15:35
correct me if I'm wrong pal, but I usually use the help button when I need help.  I don't know about you, just a suggestion!  And about 8 more posts and I'm a groupie, so I don't appreciate being called a noob!  Thanks

10.03.2010, 15:40
If thats the case, and help solves everything, then why post?
And what sir, would you like to be called?
Novice? Tenderfoot? Greenhorn? Neophyte?

11.04.2010, 20:49
The standards we use give knuckle radius as 0.1 x main diameter.  If you look up the standards for designing concave end caps for vessels & heat exchangers they all work on that.
Hope it helps.