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02.03.2020, 16:47
Apply these formulas, Is this formula good for this type of gear?I would like to know the calculation why they are of the Gleason type, otherwise I need data and I also calculate the formulasN=NUMBER OF TEETHDE=EXTERNAL DIAMETERFormulasM= Module= DE/N+2Dp= Primitive Diameter= M x NCT= Plot Diameter = 0.96592 x DpP= Diametral passage= M x PiDi= Internal diameter = Dp-(2M x 1.167)R1 = Tooth tracing 0.07 x DpR2 = Tooth tracing  0.22 x DpR3 = Tooth tracing  0.33 x DpR4 = Tooth tracing detalle 0.3 x MFranco's Angle = 90 £/ N
carlosban712020-03-03 01:34:10

philippe JOSEPH
03.03.2020, 07:55
carlosban71, please tell us if you want to draw an APPROXIMATE 3D
model of it or the real one.If
it's an approximate model I'm afraid it's already going to be
difficult but if I had to do this I would base my concept on the
image here enclosed that is the calculation for : CYLINDRICAL STRAIT
CUT GEARS and try to make them conical and helical!!!I
give you this extract of an EXCEL file of mine that I use to draw
gears but it's only giving the general dimensions; what is missing is
the ' radius' ( because it's not a radius but a 'developpante de
cercle' in french ) of the sides of the gears.You
also have the link to the CAD Studio TIP 4724 : Involute curves
for gears just above.

philippe JOSEPH2020-03-03 07:59:04

philippe JOSEPH
06.03.2020, 08:50
So carlosban71, have you done your searches on the Internet, your AutoCAD tests, etc...There is so much to see on the internet....

08.03.2020, 01:37
I need the gleason shaft pinion formulas

philippe JOSEPH
08.03.2020, 07:54
Hello carlosban71, if you really need the geometry and resistance formulas it's all on the internet, provide you succed in 'reading' the documents; maybe this is only for the companies that fabricate them but try and search for example:By subjects :gleason shaft formulas    or    spiral bevel calculationsBy documents ( PDF ) :9.8_Calculation-for-Gleason-system-Straight-bevel-gear_TechnicalData_KGSTOCKGEARSCalculation of Gear Dimensions _ KHK Gears1983001186919910021223And so more ...

philippe JOSEPH
27.03.2020, 15:04
CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS BEFORE LOOKING AT THE VIDEOSBUT THE 3D METHOD LOOKS OK !!!!!How to make a Spiral bevel gear in Autocad | Autocad 2017 | 3dlearnersAcademyMAYBE IT'S BETTER TO SEE :Making 3D Bevel Helical Gear by Sweep ( Scale - Twist ) Command - AutoCAD 2017

philippe JOSEPH2020-03-27 20:56:33