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28.01.2020, 13:21
Hi guys/gals I am a CAD newbie trying to learn how to draw piping isometrics for the pipework I design on site instead of doing the drawings by hand and would appreciate any help I can get as my company won't pay for me to do official training.In-particular I was hoping to find already drawn blocks of valves/tees/weldolets and various other pipe-fittings to save me the time of trying to draw them myself.I am also responsible for drawing lift plans and will have to learn how to super impose blocks on to plot plans.Thanks in advance.

philippe JOSEPH
28.01.2020, 14:21
Hello Phil, you can find a lot of isometric examples in CAD/BIM Blocks here in the site :2D_SISOMETRIC_DRAWING 1.dwg and 2D_SISOMETRIC_DRAWING 2.dwg ( a compilation of mine )TIPICO PARA ISOMETRICO - TUBULACAO.dwg ( OK ) and isometrics ( fittings and valves )You will have to use the command ISOPLANE with its 3 settings left, top and right.To elaborate lift plans please precise if it's 'generic' drawings or real lift studies.Please precise 'super impose' for blocks or is it 'only' how to INSERT blocks or files becoming blocks inside an other CAD file.

philippe JOSEPH2020-01-28 14:24:46

28.01.2020, 15:15
Hi thanks for the reply I want to learn how to transpose blocks into an isometric drawing and the lift plans will be real life studies 

philippe JOSEPH
28.01.2020, 17:25
Phil, the blocks that you will 'transpose' would be real isometric blocks from for example the CAD/BIM Blocks library and not 2D blocks.Or you will have to generate flat 2D blocks from 3D blocks from a 3D isometric point of view. For your lifting plan studies I hope that it will be all with 2D or real 3D with 3D blocks.Please tell me ( us ) if this has a meaning for you, in other words what is your knowledge of AutoCAD 3D ?

John Connor
29.01.2020, 14:18
I would draw your isometric piping plans in 3D not 2D.  You can still use the same symbols (2D).  We stopped drawing them in 2D years ago.

29.01.2020, 14:27
John have you looked at the ISO that I drew obs all ISO are in 3d but the are line drawings. not models if that makes sense.These drawings are for fabrication purposes and installation on site.

30.01.2020, 11:03
A plot plan I have done

John Connor
30.01.2020, 14:26
Yes, I am familiar with creating single line isometric piping drawings.  I don't see the drawing you are referring to.  As regards the plot plan, what is your point exactly?  Actually it looks more like a small portion of a plot plan.
John Connor2020-01-30 14:26:53

30.01.2020, 14:34
It is a small window from a large combined services drawing, I have managed to find enough video's now to learn how to make blocks and insert into the drawings. What I was struggling with this, I made a scale block of a crane and wanted to insert it into a full sized site plot plan but when ever I tried I could not see the block either it didn't work or it was in a strange position on the drawing. I think I figured out where I was going wrong though, when I made the block I didn't start it close to the x/y axis, could this have been the problem? I am still hoping to find some ready made blocks for single line, if that's the correct term, Isometric pipe drawings just to save drawing them all myself. 

John Connor
30.01.2020, 14:58
When you are creating a block and are asked for the insertion point of the block you should pick a point on the geometry itself and not use the default 0,0.I have an isometric piping symbols drawing I could share with you but it is not metric.  You would have to scale it.
John Connor2020-01-30 15:07:58

philippe JOSEPH
30.01.2020, 20:42
Hello John and Phil, if you declare correct units in each file that you want to INSERT and not copy/paste inside each other the inches, feet, mm, m, etc... shouldn't be a problem as AutoCAD will automatically scale them at the right value and when you will 'read' the chacarterictics with a LIST it will be written : scale 1/1 but + units mm,inches,m,feet,etc...
philippe JOSEPH2020-01-30 20:43:00

CAD Lifting
15.05.2020, 17:28
- Piping Installation "Lifting Plan".- On your Autocad press "CTRL + 2" to show "DESIGN CENTER" click on the modify and create your Fittings- Arrange your Fittings, Trailers & Cranes "by creating your Palette" press "CTRL + 3" watch my video clip sample (follow link), give a like & i'll send you here a video tutorial on Pipe Fittings video was for cranes but the same applies to other scope.

CAD Lifting
15.05.2020, 18:00

25.05.2020, 20:24
Hey guys thanks for these replies I did not know they were here. 

11.06.2020, 08:33

CAD Lifting
19.06.2020, 14:29
Yes, is there anything i could help you with...