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22.01.2020, 20:47
I want to execute this low relief in the piece, I have tried for all the shortcuts that I know but I do not, someone who can support me, thanks

philippe JOSEPH
23.01.2020, 09:28
Hello carlosban77, to do these 2 'low refief' you will have to modelize 2 solids a little high, place them at the right place and SUBTRACT them from the first solid.Eventually you could take a look at my 3D file : 3D SOLIDS 01.dwg available in the CAD/BIM Blocks library here in the site.Please tell me ( us ) if this helped or not.

24.01.2020, 22:27

This is the file I tried with several options and the ucs, Can you give me a hint how to run itI have turned everything, feet up and down the UCS, so I need more practice

25.01.2020, 02:29
Like, I got out ..Thank you

If you have any other way faster, I hope the support

philippe JOSEPH
25.01.2020, 18:16
Hello carlosban71, it looks like you have sucedded in doing the SUBTRACT of thoses 2 little recesses.On the very first photo I thought that they vere flat but in fact they really look like you made them but as I don't have the dimensions defining them I will say that everything's fine.Talking about working in 3D I would say that you will have to know everything about UCS with all the options and all about viewpoint.I will add that you should always have the UCSICON ACtive and make most of your commands with ortho on ( F8 ).You have sucedded in placing dimensions on your 3D model and that's not an easy task so you must have dealed with the UCS.

27.01.2020, 22:27
Correct philippe JOSEPH use all the ucs, I will practice them more often thanks.