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14.03.2012, 16:13
Can someone please help me? I want to create a title block which I can use for different size printouts. Is this possible or do I have to create a library of title blocks for the different sheet sizes?

Any help would be so appreciated!

John Connor
14.03.2012, 17:08
It's up to you.  Just keep in mind as your titleblock is displayed in smaller and smaller sized sheets it may be difficult to read.  If you size the text for the smallest sheet size then scale it up for the largest sheet you use then the opposite may happen.  It's a balancing act of sorts.  Can you reach a happy medium?

14.03.2012, 17:27
Thanks for this John,

Do I have to set up model space to the relevant print out sheet size for these title blocks? As you can tell, I am newish to CAD but keen to understand this important process!!

I have seen a video on YouTube where by a viewport and title block are inserted as a pre made block. I want to acheive that enabling me to plot in A4 and A3.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


14.03.2012, 22:30
My personal preference has been to set up different Layout for different sized title blocks (ANSI A, B, D, etc).  That was easier for me.  It's a bit of a hassle if/when I decide I want to change something, but I don't mind.
Model space is model space.  Everything there is drawn to true scale whether it's in nanameters or parsecs.  You use viewport scales in your layout title blocks to control how much, or how little of model space you see there and eventually plot out.
Create a truly sized A3 and or A4 title block drawing for yourself in model space.  Get everything in there you want.  Put the lower left corner at 0,0 and then create a block out of it.  Attribute the daylights out of it if you want.  Use Fields too.  When you've got it the way you want save it and insert it in one of your layouts at 0,0.  Then test it like crazy.  Include your standard layers, linetypes, anno and dimension (table too) styles, the works and save it as a DWT (template).  You'll be well on your way to what you want.  Update it as you find things you want included or not.
We were all new once.  Don't sweat it. 
Dave.heinsite2012-03-14 22:35:52

21.03.2012, 00:42
I use templates for all my drawings. I usually use ANSI B, C, D, or E so I created templates with title blocks in the right proportions for each size. The nice thing about templates is that you can include all your text styles, line types, standard layers, and even most used blocks in it. Cheers.