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13.11.2010, 10:03
I am trying to establish after quite a bit of research that gets me
very little further advanced, whether there are people or practices out
there that use the Uniclass system to generate the codes for layer
naming using the X-XXXX-XX-XXXX - this being Role-Element/classification-Presentation-Description/alias (optional).The
latest BS1192:2007 only permits Uniclass which is a monster of a
classification system (I copied and pasted from the CPIC site 138 A4
pages)I purchased the BSI document 'Building Information
Management - A standard Framework and Guide to BS 1192' by Mervyn
Richards, but despite it costing a whopping 41.20 for a 135 page A4
paperback in large print and a lot of open space, I do not find
sufficiently comprehensive information to be able to implement the BS.Where do I go from here?