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14.11.2012, 02:22

Help! Have lost several Toolbars or they are hidden. I have "right"clicked and gone to ACAD flyout and have turned on 6 or 7 toolbars,then dragged then to where I want on the edges of the viewable window. But in the process of dragging they have dropped outside the viewable window edge. I have turned that particular Toolbar on and off, but it will not appear.I don't have any Toolbars or window locked either.How do I get the 3 missing back into the window (top or side)?Tooter

Tooter2012-11-14 02:25:16

14.11.2012, 15:03
Tooter, its a good idea to save your work space,
but if you turn it of and on it should come back to the screen.if not here is a nother way, go to costumize, click on your current warkspace, click on toolbar, drage the missing toolbar above anothe toolbar.

John Connor
14.11.2012, 19:22
Use the -Toolbar command to get your missing or hiding or lost or whatever toolbars back.
John Connor2012-11-14 19:26:27