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25.03.2014, 20:00
Hi guys,
Anyone knows how to display a line which is in a solid object when plotting a viewport by hidden method?

John Connor
25.03.2014, 21:41
That's a pretty convoluted question.Let me guess.  Even though you are plotting either as Hidden or 3DHidden you also want to see the lines that might be hidden in the 3D model.  Maybe in a dashed or hidden lintpe.  Yes?
John Connor2014-03-25 21:42:21

26.03.2014, 16:54
Hi John,
Yes. You are pretty correct.
There is a central line already in a solid object. But it can't be shown when we print the drawing out by hidden mode in paper space. We have to draw a center line again in paper space.
For sloving this problem, we create a lisp program to draw some center lines in different layers outside the solid object automatically. But I think it's not a good solution.
My idea is we might put a special property to the center line so it can't be hidden by a specified solid object. However, I have no way to do it.

John Connor
26.03.2014, 17:01
So in other words this line isn't even a part of your geometry.  I can see then why it does not print.

26.03.2014, 17:10
because the center line is hidden by solid object when the drawing is printed out

John Connor
26.03.2014, 17:13
I understand that.  I do.