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22.03.2008, 19:56
I want to extrude a region along a path. The problem I've now is, that the produced body has to be smaler at its end than at the beginning and the factor in X direction is diffrent to the factor in Y direction. Is it possible to create something like that with AutoCAD 2006 and does anyone know how to do this?

25.03.2008, 09:58
 Have you tried to find in AutoCAD help about Extrude command. 

27.03.2008, 11:44
Yes I did but there is nothing written about such a problem. But I found another solution now. It's a bit complicated but it works. I've cut out the body I needed out of other bodies. If someone still nows an easier solution I would be glad to know it, because it took a lot of time to create all the bodies around the one I really needed.