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02.03.2020, 06:21
How to Hatch like this?  Wire patterns in Cable drawing. This is a sector cable Drawing. thanks

philippe JOSEPH
02.03.2020, 07:48
Hello bsasith, I suppose that this image is what you have to draw with your AutoCAD because it's already 'hatched'.I'm afraid this drawn with hatches would be confusing for the eyes with all that little surfaces.The very little surfaces don't have to be hatched.An option would be to copy/paste the image and see what's the result printed if not too dark in black and white.Maybe color would be correct but not everybody receiving your file would appreciate.Please show us your tests and try to apply the different correct hatches for steel, Cu ( copper ), PVC, etc...
philippe JOSEPH2020-03-02 07:50:11

Kent Cooper
04.03.2020, 16:30
You can use my CirclesTriGridOpen pattern, part of the .zip file available at: diameter of the "circles" and the spacing between them are both 1 drawing unit when used at a scale of 1.