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13.03.2012, 05:32
Hi guys,
i used multitext in 2lines.(Ex. karthi in firstline, keyan in second line.. if i find karthikeyan is not showing in cad... it looks blank...
what is the solution?
 keyan872012-03-13 11:49:05

13.03.2012, 08:30

Your question is not clear. Do you want to write multiline text in autocad?

John Connor
13.03.2012, 10:47
It sounds more like keyan created some multiline text then later tried to use the FIND command to locate the text and it came up blank.

14.03.2012, 03:17
If you had a section of multiline text with this in it:
Line 1: karthi
Line 2: keyan
Line 3: karthikeyan
And searched for:
1) "karthi"  ... AutoCAD would return two results
2) "keyan"  ... AutoCAD would return two results
3) "karthikeyan"  ... AutoCAD would return one result.
But if all you had were Lines 1 & 2 and searched for "karthikeyan" AutoCAD would return 0 results.

John Connor
14.03.2012, 11:00