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Chapman KC
04.06.2015, 16:40

Hello, can someone give me some tips on cleaning up a .step file that I've imported into AutoCAD 2014. I was trying to create a simple 2d file to use as a block. I've imported, exploded, flattened and then used overkill. The file is much smaller, which is good, but all of the mechanical fittings are in a gazillon pieces...meaning you can tell it was a 3d drawing that's been exploded and hence left with all of the individual lines. Any suggestions on a better way to import a 3d step file into a clean 2d AutoCAD file?Thanks!

John Connor
04.06.2015, 17:20
I would suggest locking the layer the object is on, and trace over what you need with a polyline.

Chapman KC
04.06.2015, 18:08

Trace?? it's a complicated part and tracing would be very painful and time consuming...and primative.

John Connor
05.06.2015, 11:13
You said you wanted to create a simple 2D block did you not?As I see it your only other choice is to continue working on the file that you currently have to weed out all extraneous lines.  That sounds like torture to me.What program was used to create the model in the first place?  One would think it would have an option for extracting 2D geometry.
John Connor2015-06-05 12:47:53