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12.03.2014, 03:10
Hello folks!I am a student and I am writing a report on "Importance of scale and sense of direction in CAD".But I could not find any related topics on Google or anywhere on the web.Please help me out if you have any info about this topic!Thank You!

philippe JOSEPH
12.03.2014, 07:21
Hello sukh..., in CAD ( AutoCAD ) you are drawing at scale 1 but if you specify your units ( command UNITS ) you can have a total compatibility between files in different units ( if you do an IMPORT an not a copy/paste ).
Type UNITS in the F1 help and you will have an explanation.
Sense of direction is driven trought the UCS system.
Set your UCS Active to see it with the common horizontal X and vertical Y directions.
You have X,Y,Z directions when working in 3D. 
Search for PDF user manuals, if not loaded in your (C\Program files\Autodesk\ACADM XXXX\Docs\... ), try to find in www.
It's better to have a PDF file open on your computer than the F1 help that you can't have open with AutoCAD open.philippe JOSEPH2014-03-12 10:09:41