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09.02.2016, 19:56
Hi team;I have a drawing of a festival site in which the 6 stages and the surrounding trusses are on individual layers, but they are locked in some way I can't ascertain. They are all unfrozen, unlocked, and activated - nothing about the properties of the layers indicate that they should be behaving any differently than the other layers, but they are. I can't select them, or highlight them, or edit them in any way. All other hundreds of layers on the drawing are performing as expected, just not these.Thanks for your help!

09.02.2016, 20:05
Are ALL layers ON / THAWED / UNLOCKED?Any Xref s?
Robert_D2016-02-09 20:09:03

09.02.2016, 20:16
Yes, everything's ON / THAWED / UNLOCKED - that was the first thing I looked at, but it turns out it's the only thing I know to look at, so now I need some backup.

09.02.2016, 20:38
Can you upload it?I'm sure someone with talent here can figure it out.

John Connor
10.02.2016, 00:02
Is there a Defpoints layer in this drawing?Is layer "0" frozen?You could always upload the drawing so we could take a look at it ourselves.
John Connor2016-02-10 12:54:57