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30.01.2020, 17:11
Consultation with solid (revolve)
I want to splice or join a piece, and then make a fillet on the marked piece as I can join it, thanks
They don't come together, they don't form a single piece, I've tried everything.

John Connor
30.01.2020, 18:13
Individual 3D solids in AutoCAD are "joined together" using the UNION command.  Once you have done this then you can proceed with applying your fillets.  Doesn't the white object shown above in your drawing also taper as well? 

30.01.2020, 22:37
I tried not to join, why.

31.01.2020, 02:43
Good evening, thanks for the support, I left the union of the solids now this detail is presented to me as the height of one end is lowered and not to lose the flat shape

John Connor
31.01.2020, 13:12
If the two parts won't join then there is something wrong with your geometry.As regards the shape of the part pictured above you might try constructing it using the SWEEP command using three arcs of varying heights one of which (the end furthest from the hub) being flat.

31.01.2020, 21:16
No idea, more or less in freehand drawing as it would be.
Thank you

31.01.2020, 23:12
[QUOTE=carlosban71]No idea, more or less in freehand drawing as it would be.
Thank you[/QUOTE] I attached a capture, to give me an idea as it would be.

John Connor
01.02.2020, 15:27
Freehand drawing?  You're working with a CAD program.  There shouldn't be any freehand drawing.I have attached an example of what I think you could do to create the shape you are looking for.  Basically you need a series of arcs, one horizontal and a minimum of three vertical, that you can use the SWEEP command on.SWEEP between arcs 1 and 2.  Next, SWEEP using arcs 2 and 3.  Then SWEEP using arcs 3 and 4.  Combine the results using the UNION command.  Using a copy of the inner hub SUBTRACT the hub from the tapered part.  Replicate as required.  Finally JOIN to the hub.Unfortunately I cannot attach the drawing.  I am getting the following message....Error inserting object in current location.  I am using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge.  Sorry.Update:  The file is available in the post below.

John Connor2020-02-01 20:57:48

John Connor
01.02.2020, 20:56

OK...using a different browser I was able to upload the file.  It is saved in a file type compatible with AutoCAD 2010 so you should have no problem opening it. uploads/165260/SweepMe.dwg
John Connor2020-02-01 20:58:13

07.02.2020, 00:50
Thanks for the tipWhen executing the Sweep, it is generated according to the file I attach.That is the way.uploads/759803/SweepMe_Copy.dwg

John Connor
08.02.2020, 13:48
I should have told you to close each arc with a horizontal line to generate a solid not a surface.  Although something des not look right just the same.  I'm not sure exactly what you did.