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10.03.2008, 15:03
Hi All,
I have a requirement to insert a barcode as a new layer onto a existing autocad drawing. I want to use the existing barcode fonts of window to make the barcode out of the alpha numeric string supplied.
I am very new to autocad programming. Please guide me . A piece of would be very useful.

Vladimir Michl
10.03.2008, 16:03
Please see the related CAD tips below your posting.

10.03.2008, 16:07
I have visited those links. But i want it to be automated  and i want to add a text style (barcode) dynamically. I am very new to programming , so iam looking for a piece of code which can achieve this.

Vladimir Michl
10.03.2008, 16:27
Just write a text (alphanumeric code) using a predefined style (with a barcode TTF font), or use the CHANGE command on an existing plain text entity.