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21.03.2012, 06:53
need to help:one option autoCAD 2006 in when we apply image material on any 3d
object there is option fit to object but autocad 2012 is not please Any
one help me how can I fit to JPEG image fit on my 3d object in autoCAD 2012
thank u

John Connor
21.03.2012, 11:50
A jpeg?I use the IMAGEATTACH command and when doing so I first click on the "Show Details" button and look to the right where it says "Image size in units"  and below that it says Width and Height.  Now I know the size of the object I want to fit the image to so I do the math to come up with the X/Y scale.  Then I go ahead and attach my jpeg.

21.03.2012, 12:17
i add too many doors & window in 2006 i add one material jpeg file & add fit to abject and image is adjust automatically all door & window layer how is possible in 2012  

John Connor
21.03.2012, 12:19
Why would you use a jpeg on your doors and windows?  Why aren't you using materials?

21.03.2012, 12:36
 materials library has no doors & windows which type of i want to use so i have jpeg file which one i want to use thank you    

John Connor
21.03.2012, 12:51
Doors and windows are not materials; they are objects.  

John Connor
21.03.2012, 13:34
If you need a particular door or window design many manufacturers now offer not only 2D but 3D DWG files of their products.  Download what you need and insert in your drawing then apply the appropriate material.