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17.12.2012, 22:00

I used a JPG of our Company logo in my Borders, someone in my marketing dept. renamed the directory, now all I get is the path and file name.I recreatred the Original Directory and file name fxed my ACAD logo file, with the same file and path. This had no efect on the files, they still only show the path and file not the actual JPG. I thought this would work as All the Borders have been updated. Is there a way to to do this, or do I have to reinsetrt the logo on every drawing? ThanksCharles

18.12.2012, 05:45
Can we assume that your title block *is* a block within a template file?  If so you should be able to open the template, open the block editor for the title block within it, and use the reference manager to relocate the jpg (use the Found at: line in the Ref mgr).  In other words, just point to the new location of the JPG.Dave.

18.12.2012, 15:03

The block was created by my Perdicesor as a Dwg not a template, since I am creating all our new parts in Inventor, I will proibaly only fix the Acad as I print them. I have had the same situation on other inserted links most of witch have been arcived. Think it best just to inore and correct when modifing or printint. Should take time to set the border up correct.Thanks for the help.Charels

18.12.2012, 18:55
If it's a drawing the solution should be the same.  The JPG is an overlay that should show up in the Reference Manager.  When you go there, look near the bottom of the dialog box for the "Found At:" line.  Then click the ellipsis "..." at the right side and navigate to the new directory where the JPG lives.  That will re-route AutoCAD to the file and display it in the drawing again.

18.12.2012, 20:59

Thanks Dave,I am finding that I still have lots that will need the new border, and I will crate as a template. I am also notifying all the staff to not chance any thing on the sever, but to copy and rename the files & dir's. They did not know that I am the Document Control Manager, as I have just been working on the CAD and ISO files. Thanks againCharels